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500 King Blvd Street, San Francisco, CA 94958




We make delicious food… Fast. In any case, we like it when you call us to have it prepared for you.

Cause we make the best tacos in town, that's why!
From margaritas to mojitos

We serve the best cocktails


The entirety of the food served at Casa Amigo Tacos is produced using scratch every day and joins characteristic fixings, the freshest produce, and exceptional flavors for a taste all its own. Look at our menu. You will cherish how flavorfully credible our food tastes.

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One of best of Mexican nourishments to be traded and grasped north of the fringe, is the TACO.

Much the same as Salso supplanted catchup as the most mainstream sauce, Tacos have rapidly grown out of the famous sausage and burger. Here at Casa Amigo Tacos we pay attention to Tacos!



Location & Hours

500 King Blvd Street, San Francisco, CA 94958

Mon. to Thur. 6pm - 1am

Fri. to Sun. 6pm - 2am


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